UNIVERSAL LATHE with reading for 2 axles 360 x 1000 mm 38 mm bore

10 976  Net

A NEW VERSION of LATHE 360 × 1000! What distinguishes our machine among other popular models available on the market? What will you gain when buying from us? What is our new lathe? Our company focuses on: PRECISIONALITY – Reinforced spindle bearing system. which extends the life span of the lathe and increases its precision. INNOVATION – In the latest model, only the highest quality ecological oils and greases were used . which significantly improves the machine’s operation and reduces the noise level by almost 10dB! ACCURACY – More accurate digital reading for the D60-2V axes RELIABILITY – A reliable machine for many years of operation! WARNING ! ONLY WITH US MACHINE DOES NOT REQUIRE FORMING! WORK POSSIBLE FROM NOW! A rotary spindle on the equipment of the machine!

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